48 common questions about fitness

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(Summary description)48 common questions about fitness

48 common questions about fitness

(Summary description)48 common questions about fitness

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1. The difference between a spinning bike and an exercise bike
Answer: The amount of exercise on the spinning bike is larger, and the amount of exercise on the exercise bike is smaller. Spinning bikes can simulate climbing, turning, sprinting and other riding methods, especially riding to the rhythm of music, which can reduce fatigue and boring feelings and improve exercise pleasure, but it is not suitable for overweight and elderly people; exercise bikes can only be seated Cycling, but it is a good choice for middle-aged and elderly people and people with poor exercise levels.

2. Do I need to wear shoes when running? What kind of shoes do I wear?
Answer: You must wear sports shoes or professional running shoes when running. (Professional sports shoes can effectively cushion the body joints during running. Bare feet are absolutely forbidden, because the soles of the feet will sweat during exercise and they are easy to slip.)

3. How long does it take to run in a day
Answer: For running training for the purpose of reducing fat, one exercise should not be less than 20 minutes, preferably more than 30 minutes.

4. I'm afraid I won't be able to persist
A: Exercise itself is a very boring thing. Think about health and glamorous figure. You can persevere if you set your goal to exercise as if you were eating. (Experiments have proved that after repeating a thing 21 times, you will naturally develop a habit. If you try to exercise 21 times, maybe you regard exercise as an indispensable item in your daily life.)

5. Whether it hurts the knee joint
Answer: As long as all fitness equipment is used in the correct way, it will not cause harm to the body.

6. Which is the more obvious weight loss effect?
Answer: As long as any exercise is carried out consistently, it is very useful for weight loss. (In the aerobic equipment, according to the training intensity, they are: spinning, climbing, elliptical, treadmill, and magnetic control. car.)

7. The difference between treadmill and elliptical machine
Answer: The treadmill is a passive exercise, mainly aerobic exercise for the lower limbs; the elliptical machine is an active exercise, which can be used with both hands and feet during exercise. Compared with the treadmill, it can effectively reduce the pressure on the various joints of the body, especially the knee joint.

8. What kind of exercise is suitable for the elderly?

Answer: The aerobic equipment can be a vertical exercise bike or a horizontal exercise bike. Anaerobic training can use some freehand or static strength training.

9. Which treadmill (exercise bike elliptical machine) reduces belly?

Answer: The main place where body fat accumulates is our abdomen. As long as we exercise and take a reasonable diet, it will play a role in reducing fat. Naturally, our waist circumference will be reduced and our belly will be smaller.

10. Dumbbells are multiple and suitable
Answer: Dumbbells are an effective device for strength training. There are three fitness goals for strength training:
① For training for the purpose of increasing muscle strength, we choose a group that can do 1-6 reps as appropriate; ② For training for the purpose of developing muscle circumference, we choose a group that can do 8-12 reps as appropriate ③ For training for the purpose of reducing fat and increasing muscle endurance, we choose a set that can do 15-20 reps to gain weight.

11. The difference between a straight board and a curved board
Answer: For abdominal exercises, the arc-shaped board has a greater range of motion and can exercise the abdomen more effectively. For the training function, the supine plank can also replace the dumbbell flat bench for other training.

12. Why is an exercise bike lighter than a spinning bike
Answer: The flywheel is a metal material for the spinning bike, and the fitness wheel is a composite material.

13. Why do I feel dizzy just after using the treadmill
Answer: Because when we are exercising on a treadmill, the objects around us are still walking or running. People who exercise on the treadmill for the first time will not adapt to it and cause dizziness. Another reason is that we did not do warm-up exercises. Therefore, the first time and the first time you perform treadmill exercises, you must transition from slow to fast, step by step, so that the body has a process of adapting.

14. What are the functions of multifunctional chairs

Answer: The multifunctional chair is an auxiliary device for dumbbells and barbells. The multifunctional chair can work with dumbbells or barbells to exercise most of the body's muscles. At the same time, the multifunctional chair can also exercise abdominal muscle training.

15. Can I drink water while running
Answer: Because of the high intensity of exercise, you cannot drink water when running. (If you are thirsty, you can reduce the speed. If you breathe smoothly, it is best to replenish water in small amounts and several times.)

16. How to exercise each muscle
Answer: Customer, what do you mainly want to exercise?
A variety of machines Answer: Answers to the machine

17. How old a child can use a treadmill
Answer: Normally, they are over 18 years old, but they can be as long as they are accompanied by an adult.

18. Is the ligament injured? Exercise recovery?
Answer: We can avoid injured joints for exercise. It is necessary to avoid exercise for the injured joint as much as possible. Under the conditions allowed by the doctor, some static or freehand training can also be carried out.

19. Exercise to relieve heart problems
Answer: You can use exercise bikes and treadmills, but you can't exercise too much. Train gradually according to your own cardiorespiratory function.

20. The AD chair is not very powerful
Answer: Easy to use, AD machine is a low-intensity, high-frequency exercise.

21. Can the comprehensive trainer have multiple counterweights?
Answer: No, part of the machine cannot bear it.

22. The difference between Austrian pole and general pole
Answer: The Olympic bar is a special bar for the Olympics. The normal bar with enlarged-hole dumbbells is equipped with small-hole dumbbells.

23. Which is better for rehabilitation training (cerebral thrombosis, fracture)

Answer: Cerebral thrombosis is the clogging of blood vessels due to the decline of the body's circulatory system. Aerobic training can effectively improve the function of the circulatory system and play a role in the rehabilitation of cerebral thrombosis. Strictly speaking, the fracture site cannot be exercised. However, under the guidance of professional coaches, reasonable and appropriate strength training of the muscles at the fracture site can play a role in rehabilitation.

24. Can you exercise if you have high blood pressure?

Answer: You can exercise, but you must conduct reasonable training according to your own level of exercise. Especially endurance sports. (Experiments prove that one-time endurance training can lower blood pressure by 5-7mm/Hg for 22 hours.)

25. Why are the legs of a spinning bike getting thicker and thicker?

Answer: This question is relative. For people who lose fat, cycling training will not make the legs thicker, but because the leg muscles become firmer and the skin tightens, it gives people a psychological hint that is actually When I was doing cycling training, my leg muscles became strong, and the fat was disappearing a little bit at the same time.

26. Is the heart rate tablet accurate?
Answer: Yes, it is mainly the auxiliary function of the treadmill.

27. The difference between a big bird and a butterfly
Answer: The butterfly machine is a combined equipment with trajectory, and the big bird is a steel wire device that does not have a trajectory to move freely. The big bird can also perform strength training on other parts.

28. Which is better between multifunctional treadmill and single function?
Answer: Each has its own worries, mainly depending on where you want to exercise? The multi-function is that there are many places for exercise, and the single-function is mainly for running.

29. Does the spinning bike hurt the ankle?
Answer: As long as it is used normally, it will not reach the ankle.

30. Recumbent exercise bike legs out of reach
Answer: The customer's recumbent bicycle is adjustable and can be positioned according to your needs.

31. How to use the Roman stool

Answer: Rome and other equipment are used to exercise our lower back. It is especially obvious for the exercise of our back erector spinae. First of all, stand on the stool with your feet apart, your heels on the guard board, and the waist and hip joints are stuck in the position of the front guard board. Keep your body upright, and you can cross your chest with your hands on your ears. During exercise, inhale to keep the upper back straight while bending the hip joints. When the upper body is level with the ground, exhale to tighten the back and move upwards. When the body is upright, it is completed, and then continue to do the next time. During exercise, do not overstretch your waist.

32. Is it appropriate to add weight for sit-ups?
Answer: You can add it. This is mainly based on your exercise needs.

33. Is there a larger seat for the spinning bike?
Answer: No. Spinning bikes are all simulated racing rides, and there is less exercise when sitting on spinning bikes. Basically, they are standing or lying on their stomachs.

34. Does the elliptical machine have thin legs?
Answer: Yes, but you have to stick to it.

35. The difference between a curved rod and a straight rod
Answer: According to different exercise parts and methods, choose curved rods and straight rods.

36. Can the massage head lose fat?
Answer: The massage head can't get rid of fat, but relax the muscles.

37. What is the difference between upper and lower weightlifting beds

Answer: The way is different. (The upper-incline weight bench is more obvious for the upper chest training; the flat weight bench is more obvious for the middle and outer chest training; the lower-incline weight bench is more obvious for the lower chest training.)

38. Can a barbell not be equipped with a weightlifting bed?
Answer: Yes, it mainly depends on your personal wishes and needs

39. Can I train my arms on a treadmill?
Answer: Yes, the arms are moving during exercise, but the treadmill is mainly for cardio-pulmonary exercise. If you want to exercise your muscles, you can use a pair of dumbbells to exercise your arms better.

40. The role of the safety button
Answer: The treadmill cannot be started without the safety button, and the safety button also protects the safety of the exerciser.

41. Is the AD chair easy to reduce belly?

Answer: Of course it is easy to use, the AD chair is mainly for abdominal exercises.

42. How to use without track stick

Answer: The trackless bar is a kind of training equipment unique to our family. There are many training methods according to the different equipment.

43. What other functions does the Smith machine have?
Answer: Different training exercises can exercise different muscles, such as bench press (chest), squat (legs, buttocks), bent over rowing (back), etc.

44. The best time to exercise
Answer: Generally it is 9:30 in the morning-11:00 in the morning and 3:00-5:00 in the afternoon.
(Many people like to get up in the morning to exercise is unscientific, it is easy to cause low blood sugar and bring danger. On the contrary, if the exercise time is too late, it will affect food digestion and sleep rest.)

45. How long is it appropriate to exercise before and after eating?
Answer: After eating, the blood is mostly concentrated in the stomach, providing oxygen and nutrients to promote digestion in the stomach, eating &

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