Qili's Concept


With excellent skills and great brand, to fultill social value to customers and staffs, Leading innovation of sports & fitness industry.



Building a famous brand and a good reputation company respected by the society.

Values: trust, loyalty, struggle and devotion.



Trust between employers and employees, company and customers, and among partners.



loyal to the job, the company and the society.

Hard working


Starting business needs working hard, so does development



The value depends on the devotion, not the acquisition.

Spirit of company:obedience, cooperation, devotion and innovation



Individual should be submissive to group, part should be submissive to the whole, the company should be subject to the market, personal behavior should be subject to the management of company's system and firmly followed the superiors' decision even with objections.


Each department should keep good communication during the work and maintain a positive and cooperative attitude to each task.


At work, each one should strictly abide by professional ethics and rigorously take responsibility within the scope of the work to obtain achievements which is the only criterion for the completion of work.


Actively explore and create new method and procedure in work to upgrade product quality and production efficiency

Company tenet:To establish a people-oriented philosophy and build up a hundred- year enterprise

Thorough plan, prompt action:

In the production and management, company must prepare detailed plans, and take decisive action.



 Quality policy:Pursuing zero defect products and optimizing services to create famous brands

Pursuing zero defect products: 

All the employees should hold the attitude that is to pursue perfect product forever.

Optimizing services to create famous brands:

To continuously improve the brand reputation and ultimately fulfill the corporate responsibility to reciprocate the society, through providing affordable but of high quality products.


Environmental policy:Law-abiding, energy conservation and consumption reduction, prevention of pollution, continuous improvement, and production environmentally friendly products of high-quality

Marketing philosophy:Market oriented and customer centric


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Add:Fenghuangshan Industrial Zone, Donggan, Tongqin Town, Wuyi, Jinhua, Zhejiang, China 321200



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