The first-class equipment is the base to ensure product quality

Qili Healthtech always pays much more attention to product quality, try our best to supply high quality no-defect product, gradually sets up international brand of "Qili Healthtech" fitness equipment.

We clearly put forward to quality policy of “pursuing non-defect product and optimizing service” to create famous brand through. Our company have been introducing advanced production equipment and test facilities. At present we have 8 sets of laser cutting machines, 6 CNC machines, 20 sets of injection plastic machines with automatic transferring line. Such equipment enable us to supply high quality products.Our main product is adjustable dumbbells,  output is about 20,000,000 sets of adjustable dumbbells in one year.



The quality control is essential to ensure product quality

We have set up a strict quality control system in the production process. We strictly operate quality-assurance system, and carry out quality policy of "pursuing no-defect product” and optimizing service to create our brand to enable the whole process always under control, such as design, development, sales and service.We operate strictly in compliance with ISO9001 system certification, also got BASI audit. Our products have won CE and UL certifications.

Besides offering best product to you, we also supply excellent after service to customers and clients. Ensuring customers to get perfect after service is our commitment. For this, we have set up complete regulations and rules of after services and top-ranking work hands.


Product Quality Assurance:

On basis of the customer as the God, we promise solemnly : we guarantee that all Qili products are qualified, all customers will enjoy complete service and credit guarantee when selecting Qili products.


After Service Clerks:

Sales and technical personnel equipped accordingly.

Operation Processes:

1. Product return follows the principle of maintaining first, replacing second and returning the last.
2. In course of goods inspection and use, if quality problem discovered, clients please contact responsible sales of Qili first for treatment to return or change products.


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Add:Fenghuangshan Industrial Zone, Donggan, Tongqin Town, Wuyi, Jinhua, Zhejiang, China 321200



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